The son of Mike and Holly Trainer, cousin of legendary Trailblazer and UNSM Markus Kemp, and nephew of respected Fleet Admiral John Kemp, Adam was born into a family of both action and intellect alike.

However, unlike his extended family, Adam enjoyed both a constructive and peaceful childhood that gave him all the time he needed to develop and mature, unlike his cousin and even father. Rather than take to arms like the rest of the men in his family, the young man decided to pursue a Ph.D in hopes of becoming a respected xenologist: his one true calling.

Yet, even with his Ph.D and successful, albeit brief, career taking him to excavations all across the galaxy, it became increasingly more apparent that his dream job was just out of his grasp.

Finally, with his mother's guidance, Adam applied to join the prestigious Trailblazer Program. To his surprise, Adam was accepted almost immediately. It wasn't until the onset of the Ubiar Invasion that he learned John Kemp was not only his uncle, but he had been the one to push his application through.

Despite the unusual and frankly miraculous circumstances, Adam began his training without even an inkling of doubt, and over the next few years, he truly began to make a name for himself as a Trailblazer.

However, that all came to change in 2180 CE when the young man was en route to finally investigate a newfound Martian Site and his ship came under attack by the Bushraks, forcing him to survive alone for forty-six days on an uncharted world now known as Tarell.

At the end of those forty-six days, Adam was finally rescued by a Katali vessel that had remarkably left Novi for what the Trailblazer believed to be the first time since the Secession Wars. It was on that strange ride home that he discovered the Katali homeworld had been occupied by the very species he'd gone to investigate. The Ubiar Invasion had began and he'd nearly been one of the first casualties.

Shaken up and yearning to see his family, Adam was brought to Washington Outpost where he was promptly made an exploratory lead with the Horizons Initiative at the request of his father: forcing him to undergo several months of grueling training while the Havens were prepared for the long voyage to Andromeda.

And yet, no matter how bleak it often looked or how difficult the training became, the man never lost hope: not even once.

Skills and Abilities

  • Extensive knowledge on alien architecture and societies
  • Experienced archaeologist
  • Honed survival skills
  • Experienced explorer
  • Fluent in four languages