The Anarchic Systems is a collection of lawless sectors home to the scum of the galaxy, civilians native to the system who cannot afford to leave, and the very few honest civilians who prefer life out on the frontier. The latter are an extreme minority and have given the system its infamous and disgusting reputation.

Contrary to popular belief, the galaxy's more civilized sectors have actually seen much more combat and heartbreak. The Anarchic Systems have actually never been the battlegrounds of any actual wars and has only ever seen a perpetual cycle of piracy and other nefarious crime.

While the latter may have the privilege of peace after a few decades, all the Anarchic Systems' inhabitants know is crime and survival.

Location: Milky Way


Anarchic Systems
Kelviir Space
Kelviira · Other Planets Obscured
Bastzuda · Clogon · Tiberius · Urmola · Yunaca
Ahch-To · Other Planets Unexplored
Argo · Chase · Kemp