The HCS (Hyperspace Colony Ship) Andaman is the Horizons Initiative's designated Haven for transporting Bushrak colonists to the Andromeda Galaxy. Largely mirroring design of its sister Havens Sobanum and Val, the Andaman can accommodate 10,000 passengers and crew in cryogenic stasis.


Constructed in orbit around Zanethu in the Bushrak home sector Sapientia, the Andaman is named after legendary explorer Tecent Andaman who is credited with uncovering both the Ardolons and several Martian Sites

She is largely built to the same specifications as her sister Havens. However, the Andaman has one truly notable addition: a docking bay at the ship's posterior housing a battleship and three cruisers meant to protect the Initiative. This addition was the Systems Coalition's gift to the United Nations for the non-state-sanctioned attempted coup at the Intergalactic Assembly Station led by several high-ranking naval officers.

The Horizons Initiative was initially rejected by many Bushrak investors and politicians alike as it was seen to be the United Nations giving up the fight. However, the attempted coup at the Intergalactic Assembly Station soon turned the tide of public opinion as many Bushraks realized the war effort was not only in jeopardy, but they owed their support to the United Nations in an attempt at making amends.

When it came time for recruiting, thousands of Bushraks flocked at the opportunity: firmly solidifying the drastic turn in public opinion.

The Andaman, now led by retired Bushrak war hero Detir Aanoxer, then departed for the Andromeda Galaxy on October 15, 2180 with the first wave.