The Andromeda Havens are eight massive, custom-built, hyperspace-capable colony ships constructed by the Horizons Initiative to carry thousands of cryogenically frozen colonists on the century-long voyage to the Andromeda Galaxy. The Havens were largely built by the United Nations and remnants of the Systems Coalition using the last of the dying Intergalactic Assembly's resources.

Due to their rushed construction and hurried departure, the Havens are civilian ships by design and virtue. The ships are simply meant to serve as temporary shelters until the Initiative establishes permanent settlements. Even though they have a limited supply of firearms for its security personnel, a small fleet of shuttles, and other spacecrafts, the Havens themselves are completely unarmed.

With the Havens' crews in cryo, the Initiative developed two artificial intelligences to manage the Havens and its thousands of passengers both during the journey and upon arrival in Andromeda: Prometheus for the first wave, and Atlas for the second.


First Wave

Second Wave