Born on Mars in Exodus , Asher Shaw was an only child within a very poor family who had been stuck on Mars for their entire lives. For the first ten years of the boy’s life, it was incredibly tough to scrape by and education was barely a factor; but after his parents had called in a favor to their relatives, Asher was taken in and transported back to Earth to be given a chance at life. From there he had made it far in his higher education, attending private school with the funding of his Aunt and Uncle and moving onto High School early. This time of his life is mostly unknown, but it was when a dramatic shift in his entire outlook and personality occurred.

After graduating with flying colors, he was quickly accepted into the Massachusetts Institute of Technology to pursue a major in the field of Theoretical Physics with a minor in Engineering. After the overly long 13 years of schooling, taking short breaks in between and working on side projects, Asher transferred to the Intergalactic Assembly Station to begin work with a smaller company. He made leaps and bounds in his fields, but ultimately fell into severe debt and began to take to laundering money and small robbery to gain his resources. He kept it hidden from the UN, even joining their science division to cover his tracks for the crimes committed. Asher has been with the United Nations as an Assistant Lead Physicist, but recently has been interested in going out into the field for more research opportunities.   

Skills and Abilities

  • Skilled physicist.
  • Experienced researcher with United Nations.
  • Proficient with white collar crime.

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