Augustus Bombing
The Augustus Bombing was an an attempt by Katali extremists on August 4, 2139 CE to drive off the Humans they believed were invading their sacred grounds on Augustus. Luckily for the colony's inhabitants, John Kemp and his crew discovered the terrorists' plans and foiled the plot.


After hearing murmurs of a potential threat developing in response to the United Nations colonizing Augustus, UNSM Captain John Kemp and his XO Jerian North took it upon themselves to investigate. They chased lead after lead and even found themselves in more than a few standoffs with the colonists. Yet, with their determination and excellent detective work, they traced the whispers back to a Katali terrorist cell planning to send a message to the rest of the galaxy: "Do not touch our land!"

The terrorists planned to take over a Human nuclear plant and overload the reactors, unleashing utter devastation on the Humans that were flocking to the new colony. Kemp, North, and their crew acted swiftly and stopped the takeover, making sure to alert the Intergalactic Assembly simultaneously. The situation was quickly defused and the Katali government claimed no responsibility for the plot. In an act of good faith and with Assembly encouragement, the United Nations ceded the sector to the Katali under the grounds they could keep their colony and the situation was entirely settled.