Baracal Novi itself is as diverse as they come, with different conditions all across the world. Much of the northern hemisphere of the Katali homeworld is covered by vast mountain ranges, elevated high above sea level with the conditions there being naturally colder than the rest of the planet. Snow is more common and also more violent the higher one gets. As for the southern hemisphere, it is much nicer than the sometimes harsh conditions of the north, with a number of beaches dotting the shores of the planet's oceans. Most of the planet's forests and vegetation resides here, while the weather is often akin to that of Muria's more tropical areas. The area in between the northern and southern hemispheres serves as a pleasant transition between the two, with a number of hills and vast grassy plains along with some smaller mountainous areas.


Once torn asunder by the Secession Wars so many years ago, the planet of Baracal Novi has seen much conflict in its past, but has always managed to bounce back into decent shape overtime. There are many ruins on the planet from battles of bygone eras that have since been taken by nature. And since their isolation, the Katali have managed to rebuild much of what was lost on their homeworld.


With the Katali isolating themselves from the rest of the galaxy, it has become increasingly hard to devise accurate population models. However, many galactic officials often use a figure around 4.6 Billion which is line with Bushrak hypotheses.

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