Bastzuda, located in the notorious Claudian sector of the Anarchic Systems, is an arid desert planet, featuring harsh conditions as most other planets in the sector do. While not nearly as bad in terms of living as the lava planet of Tiberius, Bastzuda still features some of the hottest weather in the galaxy during the daytime, never dropping below 54°C outside of the planet's cities, in addition to cold and windy desert nights akin to that of the Sahara Desert on the Human homeworld of Earth. Dust storms and heat waves are common, and the planet's cities of New July and Augustine are often the only safe havens from these extreme conditions.


Founded not long after the end of the Secession Wars by criminals looking for safe harbour outside of the pirate colony on Tiberius, a wealthy crime family established themselves on the surface of Bastzuda, advertising their new colony as a criminal safe haven away from the rulers of Tiberius and Nahdar Station. This naturally attracted a fairly large number of denizens from across both the Turbulent Spectrum and the Anarchic Systems. Years passed as the planet began to flourish, if you could call it that, with a booming black market and people coming in from across the galaxy to deal their illicit goods and escape the jurisdiction of the Intergalactic Assembly. The crime family, coming to be known as the New July Mafia, eventually made enough credits from the goings-on of their city to establish another called Augustine, as well as build shield generators for the cities to shield people from the heat. What they didn't expect, however, was just how big of an endeavor this actually was. The Mafia ended up spending so much that they themselves became indebted to outside sources, and they turned on their own people to pay for it. They began to tax the residents of their cities for everything they could think of, from protection to water. They became the exact thing they had set out to avoid, profiteering off of the basic needs of their people just like the pirates that ran Nahdar Station.

As time went on, the people began to rebel, and the Mafia had to assert their dominance for fear of an uprising. Public executions became a favourite of theirs, reminiscent to the acts committed in the period called the 'Reign of Sedition', from Ardite history. The largest of these acts was an attack inside the city of New July in an area that came to be known as 'Yardick Grave', where a small monolithic grave was erected as a reminder of what happened there.

The New July Mafia has ruled the planet with an iron fist ever since, and like Tiberius, many of the people still there are too poor to leave.

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