Home to the the most innovative race in the galaxy, the Bushrak, Busharia is considered a marvel of engineering galaxy-wide, being the first and only known Ecumenopolis in all of the Milky Way. The only parts of the planet that go untouched by the worldwide city that rests on Busharia's surface are the wildlife reserves that were built to house and protect the planet's other forms of life, so as to prevent them from going extinct.

While the planet is mostly covered in one massive city, most of the conditions that were present on the planet before still remain. Much like the Human homeworld of Earth, Busharia has the same four distinct seasons; summer, fall, winter and spring, though there is no truly extreme weather conditions save for some violent lightning storms during the summer, as well as snowstorms in the winter.


Being the oldest and richest of the Assembly homeworlds, it is only natural for Busharia to have the most dense and interesting history of them all. Millions of books have been written about the planet and would take decades to summarize it all in one place.

With that said, Busharia started as a garden world rich with wildlife and diversity, though in recent years its come to be a sprawling metropolis with far more whites and grays than the greens its founders were used to.

Its enjoyed a history of peace and progress with few exceptions: those being the War of the Dawn and Secession Wars.

During the former, Busharia and the Ardollon homeworld Yula suffered through a massive offensive led by the Ardite and Vobuk marine garrisons. The Zenith Powers were utterly unprepared for a ground attack and had fortified their orbital defenses above all else. The Collective launched thousands of shock troopers and mechs from orbits that laid waste to the planets' surfaces. The attack was repelled within months, but both homeworlds suffered immense destruction.

Later during the Secession Wars, the Ardolon Empire launched an offensive against Busharia which led to the destruction of the entirety of their first fleet. Other than this massive loss, the homeworld was untouched during the century long conflict, though it remained under the constant threat of attack.


12.7 Billion Bushrak

64 Million Ardolon

6.1 Million Vobuk

4 Million Human

1.3 Million Ardite refugees