Cardiff Order

The Cardiff Order (often simply referred to as the Order) was an incredibly secretive council of seven former Ubiar scientists tasked with charting and guiding evolution across the Milky Way in attempt to breed biotics for the Ubiaran military. These scientists eventually defected from their original cause to help the Milky Way and prevent the invasion for as long as possible.

The Order were responsible for establishing outposts like the Martian Reconnaissance Post, Bushrak Cache, and dozens of other locations across the galaxy.


Before they were even known as the Cardiff Order, they were once a simple eight-man science team responsible for laying the seeds of militarization and indoctrination across the galaxy. The team continued on with their plan for centuries, just about completing their objective, until a pair of scientists began to heavily question the morality of their experiments. After weeks of deliberation, all but one member eventually agreed to abandon this mission and actively work against the Ubiar.

That lone loyalist was the infamous Kantal Krell, who used the weeks spent in deliberation to make contact with the Ubiar and undergo the Trials required to gain the power to take down his former colleagues. When it came time to strike, his team had intercepted his communications and covertly fled to the ocean paradise now known as Ahch-To.


That science team came to reorganize themselves as the Cardiff Order in an effort to right their wrongs. While the Order sought to undermine the Ubiar invasion, Kantal did his very best to stop them at every turn.

Rather hypocritically, the Order eventually began training students to combat Krell: all of which died or came to join his cause. That was until they began training their star pupil, Markus Kemp, who seemed to be their first prospect powerful enough to stop Kantal. However, Kemp eventually was seduced like all the others, leaving Vick Lexington, his good friend and son of Kantal's own student David Lexington, to stop the invasion.

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