Cayn Schultz is a thirty year old Human who devoted his life to observing and studying social and political interactions between xeno life, while still standing against segregation of species and oppression of the free mind’s expression.

Both of his parents, Geran and Lynn, acted little in his growing process and instead prioritized his younger sibling Hawk. Living a life as an underling for attention, Cayn graduated his high school studies through his sole drive to succeed.

Once obtaining a Master's degree in sociology, he set off to examine, study, and spread the functionality of a civilization through their connections in relation to its government connections. Seeing other species life harmonious lives under their leaders fascinated Schultz until encountering the Ardite regime’s cerebral manipulation.

A fire burned within him, bringing about a surge of freedom those within the King’s grasp could only fantasize about.

Avocation and documentation led to thorough and hasty appeals to the Assembly through news broadcasts and attempted meetings with the Senators. Regretfully for himself and those fighting to save their lives, the Assembly perished during the early stages of the Ubiar Invasion. With no way at stopping the power any longer, Cayn ceased his funding on the project and moved towards new boundaries upon completion of a documenting novel on his research.

Little did he anticipate these boundaries came in Andromeda, and after being confronted with the decision to attend, the xenosociologist signed up and began a rigorous training process to join those in a new life.

His failure stayed behind once Cayn departed with the First Wave of the Horizons Initiative, and his hopes of relieving the innocent Ardite people rely in the hands of those recreating the Assembly

Skills and Abilities

  • Vast knowledge on alien government and society
  • Capable of speaking five languages of the Milky Way
  • Experienced in media and speeches
  • Avid writer and published author

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