A towering, docile race that demonstrates similarities to the Terran Mysticeti. Despite being found across the Milky Way, these non-sentient creatures are more commonly spotted in less habited sectors. Due to overhunting, these once prominent creatures live on the edge of extinction.


Sitting over 150 meters from head to tail, these massive creatures are frequently the subject of both rumors and research. Consuming basic elements strained through baleen like maws, the Celestial Cetacea are commonly found skimming the edges of nebulae to find their next meal. As a result of this rather strange diet, it isn't unheard of for small crewed ships to be outfitted to hunt for the creatures and extract the massive amounts of useable base material held within its body.

Celestial Cetacea are capable of breathing Hydrogen, can survive using just the gas within their system for up to sixty hours.


Despite being peaceful creatures, Celestial Cetacea are able to damage some of the most well-built ships if provoked. Sluggishly using their tail to whip at agressors, numerous incidents have been reported of Corvette-Class vessels being critically damaged after attempting to destroy these massive creatures. Due to their slightly predictable schedule and defense pattern, hunting the Celestial Cetacea has become a simple task for those willing to learn and practice counter-manuevers.