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Brain implant

Cerebral Implants are brain implants installed in the Cerebral Cortex on a vast majority of Humans across the galaxy. After an endorsement by the United Nations in 2180 CE, many newborns began to have the implant installed shortly after birth. The implant is by no means exclusive, and several species either have invented similar solutions or adapted the existing Human design.


By securely linking via Bluetooth X with any authorized device (primarily GDAs) and introducing language packs, the subject can instantly understand the foreign language as if it was their own, provided they have the specific language pack, although they cannot speak it. The implant has little other official functionality and provides little to no mental advancement. Unofficially, some have been said to play with their implants and leave dramatic negative effects on their psyche.


After early boycotts of the implant, most Humans have come to happily accept the advancement. Contrary to popular belief, the combination of Bluetooth X and the 12 character password associated with the implant has warded off every hacking opportunity to date.


In December 2175 CE, an Avalon madman had been arrested after abducting six women and experimenting on their implants. After days of torture, he managed to acquire each of his victims' passwords and tamper with their minds. While the man was eventually caught before the month ended, all six women were left in an insane state and exposed how dangerous the implants could be if they fall into the wrong hands.


Since the oppressive authoritarian regime came into power, the Ardite people have been subject to strict monitoring via their cerebral implants. The government actively monitors those they believe to be dissenters and if a thought that is "destructive to the general welfare" arises even for a moment, they may be subject to execution.

Naturally, these killings have outraged much of the galaxy and pushed many to smuggle Ardite off-world as refugees. But until the Intergalactic Assembly comes to a clear consensus, nothing will officially outlaw this monitoring or topple the regime.

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