Credit Chips

Credits are the near standard currency used across the galaxy, with very few exceptions. Issued by the Intergalactic Assembly, credits are considered to be by far the most stable currency in the Milky Way.


The Central Assembly Bank manages the credit's floating exchange rate and is responsible for updating all exchange rates in real time. While the credit has become the galactic norm, any species may opt to use their own local currency anywhere across the galaxy and will be digitally exchanged near instantly.

Come 2180 CE, digital transactions have become the norm, and improved encryption has made cases of robbery and identity theft few and far between. Most individuals utilize their GDAs to complete transactions, while the remainder continue to use galactic starcards wherever they are still accepted. However, some citizens still opt to use physical currency, as it lacks the potential to be stolen and, more importantly, is untraceable. Consequently, the vast majority of citizens still using physical currency do so to participate in the black market or other illicit practices.


Non-Assembly races are even encouraged to use the credit in an effort to unify the galactic economy under one currency and to eliminate the headache competing currencies bring about. Though some races, like the Kelviir, have outlawed the currency, a vast majority of the galaxy continue to use the credit.