Cybernetic arm

Cybernetics were technological replacements for deformed, deficient, and lost body parts. As of 2180 CE, the installation of cybernetics has become painless and near perfect through the use of medical droids. As a result, they have been successfully applied to a wide variety of body parts, ranging from hands to legs and even eyes.

More recently, most galactic insurance companies have made the replacements widely available for nearly every sentient species across the galaxy at a reasonable, though still expensive, cost.


  • Nanomachines: Assist in heightening the immune system and recovering from wounds at an increased rate.
  • Arms: Often offer increased strength and mobility, at the cost of having one's own arms.
  • Legs: Increase speed and stamina, though they sometimes suffer in more extreme environments.
  • Head: Cybernetic eyes, noses, ears, and even cranial replacements have all been tested with various degrees of success; often have major drawbacks and not worth the risk.