David Lexington was about as influential as they came, whether it be through his philanthropic contributions early in his career, weapons manufacturing later, or successful attempts at infiltrating the highest ranks of the Ubiar.

This supposed downfall all started when David came into contact with Kantal Krell: an Ubiaran operative trying to set the stages for the invasion at the end of the century. Their relationship continued to grow and David grew seemingly more violent, but as his son Vick Lexington later discovered in 2180 CE, the billionaire had actually made a deal with the former Fleet Admiral to investigate this newfound threat. The investigation spanned four grueling decades and nearly resulted in the man's indoctrination, but he managed to offload all his information just days before the final assault on the Human homeworld Earth.

With his actions still largely under heavy scrutiny among the highest ranks of the UN Navy, David's attempts to turn the tide of the war are still withheld from the public eye and unknown to even the Initiative Conclave.

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