Detir is a renowned Bushrak military hero famous for ousting the violent Ardite trafficking ring running rampant through Systems Coalition Space. His heroics nearly costed him his life, yet he managed to tear the organization down from the inside through deception and anarchy. Aanoxer not only managed to save himself, but the lives of two hundred slaves in the process.

Rather than push for a promotion or continue to fight, Detir decided to take his talents elsewhere and shift into politics, where he felt he could help tear down the worsening socioeconomical divide that kept men like him from ever serving in the Coalition.

His philanthropic goals eventually caught the eye of Mike Trainer in the 2170s, leading the two to develop a mutual respect for one another despite their completely opposite personalities. When it came time to field directors for the Horizons Initiative, Trainer saw no better man than Detir to represent the Andaman on the Initiative Conclave and lead the Initiative's security forces.

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