Dominus was born to a pair of former criminals seeking safety from retaliation by living out their days aboard the notorious Nahdar Station. While his upbringing was rather atypical, as you’d expect from a child in his situation, life was surprisingly pleasant aboard the station, mostly thanks to his parents’ established reputations. For the most part, he steered clear of any trouble aboard the station, and his parents did their best to keep a lower profile after his birth.

As he grew into his teenage years, Dominus eventually found his passion in tinkering with machinery, and with no short supply of funds thanks to his parents, began to self-teach the basics. But even with all of the machines that money could buy, Dominus couldn’t buy himself knowledge. Slowly growing dissatisfied with his situation, Dominus began to slowly resent Nahdar, blaming it as the main cause as to why he couldn’t find anyone to teach him.

Deciding to leave was an easy enough decision. A passerby ship was a rare occurrence, but at least a few were necessary to keep the pirates and mercenaries satisfied, whether that be from women or drugs, or whatever else. He’d never meant to tell anyone he was leaving, of course, but he had planned to scrape together more money than what he had. Finally, he reluctantly decided to leave regardless, and quietly left the station a couple hours later.

Though he continued to go from ship to ship, he started to do so with more purpose. And finally, after nearly two years of drifting, he arrived in United Nations Space in the year 2171. Having just turned eighteen, he struggled to find employment, as he often struggled to properly relate to colleagues and interviewers. Though he had departed with a small fortune, he simply no longer had enough to live out his days comfortably. In a bold move, he decided to splurge just about everything he had left on what he had sought for quite some time; a better body. Leaving with a variety of heavy cybernetics and augmentations, including a few limbs and the majority of his face, a couple of organs, and about enough money to last just under a week.

Dominus pursued a career in engineering, finally accomplishing what he’d been striving for for so long. His induction into the UN Navy not long after was certainly no small dealing. His parents had apparently decided to start wreaking havoc again not long after he’d left, and the officials were wary of him. But through a combination of being open enough about his past, a lack of any self-incriminating activities, and a decent enough aptitude for engineering, he was introduced.

Though many of his prototypes would have take some years of testing before finding themselves on the field, it was just enough for the Admiralty Board to extend an interesting offer to him.

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