Droids are the natural evolution of the quality of life machines primitive engineers often design to handle menial tasks. Yet with droids, they are capable of handling complex tasks formerly reserved for cognitive individuals.

Droid Types

Engineer Droid


Engineer droids come in several variations of the Bushrak-designed ASE Droid. While some fly and others roll, each and every one of them have spherical resting shape with a large palladium glass eye in the center and smaller IR sensor close by. While most simply do their job via remote programming, some are equipped with a speech functionality and a full artificial intelligence capable of receiving orders on the fly.

Civil Droid


Civil droids are normally stationed at populated city centers and important political centers, as seen by the dozens of civil droids scattered throughout the first quarter of the Intergalactic Assembly Station. They are loaded with every known language across the galaxy and are meant to help individuals with directions, translations, and any legal informational need.

Medical Droid


Medical droids install cybernetics and perform the menial tasks a doctor can't be bothered to spend time on. While capable of performing surgery, most doctors still recommend a natural touch and most individuals request such. With their introduction, they have all but replaced the need for nurses.

Combat Droid


Combat droids come in a wide variety of shapes and size, and are capable of tackling an assortment of tasks including scouting, planning, and even limited combat. However, most militaries still rely heavily on organic soldiers as droids lack the intuition of a well-trained trooper or experienced general. Despite strict Assembly regulation, troublesome citizens can often procure combat droids for a premium through the black market or other less than legal means.