Earth is a garden world home to the ambitious Human species. Covered in nearly 75% water, Earth's ever-decreasing landmass has pushed much of Humanity offworld and those remaining on Earth into incredibly vertical, densely populated cities.


Similarly to most sentient species's homeworlds, Earth endured through hundreds of global catastrophes and evolutionary phases. In the end, the Humans came out on top and were the final result of evolution.

Come 2180 CE, Earth has entered a new golden age, resulting in longer Human lifespans, population stabilization, and incredibly high quality of life. However, some countries, especially in Africa, continue to stumble without the boon of space travel and remain stuck in the 20th century. Yet, the more affluent nations are not without their problems as the wage gap between rich and poor continues to spread like never before and the middle class emigrate off world as soon as they may afford it.

With much of Human industry now spread out across Sol, most Human governments have outlawed industries deemed harmful to the planet, and in doing so, disease, pollution, and other social ills are on the decline. Many species look on Earth with awe after witnessing its vast transformation during humanity's short time on the galactic landscape.