Identical twins Elias and Oliver, both born and raised in Sweden, always seemed to stick together on their careers. From a young age, both prompted the military career and passed it along, each brother has a different plan in mind; with new horizons on the mind, the boys sought out to join the Trailblazer Program

While both Elias and Oliver held an interest in xenobiology, the former sided with the botanical side while the other stood for the zoological. Even if there was slight disapproval from their mismatching outlines, they couldn't be torn away from each other, even beyond their graduation. 

Suited with their Bachelor's degrees in their respective majors, the twins set forward towards their induction into the Trailblazer Program as fresh off the shelf scientists. Regardless of the conditions ahead of them, neither wanted to back down.

Fast forward five years to see Elias and Oliver graduates from the Program successfully, effectively doubling their knowledge on the systems and how they functioned, while obtaining their physical piques concurrently.

Elias stood as a fine sighted soldier meant to hold a precise trigger when the time called for it, adept with assault rifles and heavier machine guns alike; even being less athletically skilled than his brother, he made up for it in his endurance, precision, and concise planning. In addition, he held a knack for both field education as well as pre-existing and studied education.

By now, both of the men stood at the gate for the Horizons Initiative, being sent off along with the Second Wave to Andromeda as Xenobiologists. 

Skills and Abilities

  • Professional Xenobotanist and well versed in the natural world
  • Adept marksman


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