Elliot Booker Saint was the son of a North American police chief and a human immigrant from the IAS. Elliot and his siblings, an older brother and a younger sister, were raised with strict moral, educational, and social expectations. Elliot's brother became the head of a large security firm that worked closely with the UN on many core worlds, his younger sister became a rather distinguished lawyer, and Elliot himself grew to be a black sheep.

At twenty, Elliot became estranged and relinquished contact with his immediate family, drifting between jobs for several years as he honed a variety of skills, all of which culminated into one career on Bastzuda. At twenty-seven, Elliot started his detective agency under his middle name (one of many pseudonyms he'd adopt over the coming years).

Before the invasion, Rachel Steele, head of Bastzudian Security, heard from Kyle Saint, Elliot's brother. At 15:43 on August 2nd, 2180, Elliot began his most personal case yet: tracking the men who assaulted his sister and left her brain dead. The suspects and their motives were unknown, but with a majority of her clients leaving for Andromeda, Elliot boarded the colony ships to discover their identities and close the case.

Skills and Abiltiies

  • Persuasive and Crafty
  • Observant and Vigilant
  • Trained in Hand-to-Hand combat
  • Critical and Precise Thinking