Being called a Mercenary is something that comes with a stigma, one that can paint you in two different lights. On one hand, you are a gun for hire, willing to do honest work and solve problems for those who need it. On the other, you're a killer for money; if the price is high enough, you'll gun down whoever the finger is pointed at. Ethan Noll is a gun for hire, but one with some moral compass. If you want someone dead, he'll do it, but you better have a damn good reason and the funds to back it.

Earthborn, coming from the great white north of suburban Canada, Ethan was always the adventurous kind. He grew up living a pretty normal life, attending school and keeping himself out of most trouble, besides the occasional fight for the right cause. One thing of note was his attitude, always wanting to get the last word before a fight was done, a real audacious demeanor that kept him in most people's shit list. Still, he wasn't one to stand above the law or down talk them by any means. At the age of eighteen, Ethan enlisted into the Canadian Armed Forces and served for three years.

In his late twenties, Noll became a bounty hunter for the Federal Police, showing some remarkable tracking skills and excelling in hand-to-hand combat. He earned a considerable sum this way, acquiring a reputation for being a reliable soldier and helping hand to the authorities and being given the clearance for interstellar travel. Despite all his good deeds and relations to authority, Ethan isn't afraid to backtalk and give them lip if the moment arises. 


  • Experienced soldier and adept in combat
  • Skilled in tracking
  • Competent marksman