Evie Chase was born an only child in Manchester, England to Immunologist Allison Chase and Surgeon Robert Chase. She was brought up in a rather idealistic world, one of helping others and curing the sick. With doctors for parents, it was only natural that Evie grew with a drive to help people regardless of who they were, and it was this naivety that got her into trouble more than once during her childhood, though she did eventually learn her lesson.

The Earth’s less fortunate became the focus of her career straight out of medical school, and she joined up with Médecins Sans Frontières (Doctors Without Borders) the moment she stepped out of university with her degree as a physician. She was shipped off to a number of places over the next few years to provide medical care for the poor and downtrodden of planet Earth, and eventually Mars as well. She only spent a couple years here as she found a position on the MSF Board of Directors before moving further out into United Nations space. The fire that originally drove her to her career choice was slowly dwindling, and she was desperately trying to rekindle it.

Just when she began to accept that her hope was lost, the Trailblazer Program came to her personally during her time on the ice planet Hox. They were impressed with her career thus far, and wanted to recruit her as an operational physician. Evie took this proposition, albeit reluctantly at first, coming to see it as a chance at a fresh start. It was during her time in the Trailblazer Program that she met and served with Markus Kemp on an exploratory corvette, the UNS Medea.

With Captain Kemp’s eventual departure from the program in 2172, Evie began to feel that it was time for her to leave as well. She spent another seven months under a new captain on the Medea before resigning and going back to Doctors Without Borders with a proposition. She wanted to expand the organization’s reach to the rest of the galaxy with the assistance of the UN Navy, but this was almost immediately rejected. Regardless of their decision, Doctor Chase set off on her mission alone.

The last time anyone saw her until now was in 2173 CE, when she crossed over the border into the Neutral Traverse. She has evidently been going by the alias of 'Amber Hadley' since her disappearance.

Skills and Abilities

  • Expert physician
  • Experienced diagnostician
  • Deep knowledge of diseases and medical conditions from around the galaxy
  • Familiar with the criminal underworld in the Anarchic Systems

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