While originally surveyed by the Vobuk, the galaxy's consistent conflict and near destruction of its formal government, the planet was left to rot and serve as a symbol of their colonial failures.

Come 2164 CE, a prominent Jewish denomination came to settle the planet after facing severe religious persecution trying to spread their beliefs throughout the Anarchic Systems. Since then, the colony's welcoming nature has attracted both Humans and Vobuk alike to peacefully worship and coexist. Its capital city, Yazir, is primarily run by Humans, but also welcomes their Vobukian neighbors. With such a diverse population, religion is primarily practiced in private in Yazir and even attracted many secular Humans to the planet.

Maslul is another primarily Jewish city with very public religious practice and local laws centered around its beliefs. Meanwhile, the Vobukian city Chadorez is home to majority of the planet's Vobuk population and rests on the same continent as the other cities. As of 2156 CE, Chadorez has come to be considered as a holy city to millions of Vobuk as its establishment fulfilled a prophesy that they would eventually take to the stars once more and reclaim what was once forgotten.

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