After the United Nations and Systems Coalition laid conflicting sector claims in January 2181 CE as the Ubiar Invasion came to a close, the Intergalactic Assembly decided to disqualify both nations from ceding the area. Without proper governance and vague Assembly regulations ruling the area, it came to be known as the Outer Frontier: a largely lawless and chaotic legal grey area ripe with both crime and refugees alike.

Location: Milky Way


Major Sectors (click to visit each).

Sheri XSheri XAltairAltairZeta HydraeZeta HydraeIndri ZetaIndri ZetaOrendarOrendarVandorVandorParadenusParadenusProxima LumiereProxima LumiereBizetBizetJuranixan XiJuranixan XiOuter Frontier System
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