Google Digital Assistants (GDAs) are extremely portable smart watches capable of interfacing with practically every aspect of an individual's life. While the GDA was first a 2053 Earth invention, practically every uplifted race have adopted the device.


Building on the booming augmented reality and smart watch businesses, Google, an enormous Human corporation, released the first version of their next generation PDA in 2053 CE. Over the next century, Google continued to iterate on their GDA, which had quickly become a cultural phenomena. After first contact, much of the galaxy quickly grew to love the Human's GDAs and began to acquire as many as possible. Come 2180, GDAs have become staples of galactic society.

Function and Design

UN Infantry

Rather than utilizing the wrist-screen as its primary display, the GDA instead uses this to output a holographic display a few inches above the wristwatch. Due to technichal limitations, this hologram is limited to a 5x5 inch projection directly above the device. The wrist portion also serves as a sensor to detect any interaction with the floating display. 

GDAs are capable of managing most of a being's life: including, but not limited to, their email, instant messaging, social media, vitals, and implants.

From the start, Google designed their device to be modular, and two significant iterations have emerged: the civilian and military editions. The civilian edition is designed similar to ancient smartphones in managing daily life and interacting with social media. Google co-operated with the UN in designing the military GDA, which had built in medium-range communications software while also disabling a variety of civilian applications. 

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