Gordon Vran was a former medic who started his career assisting the UNSM Marines in the Anarchic Systems. After several long, grueling tours through the most violent system in the Milky Way, the man was transferred to a far more mundane assignment patching up the Third Fleet's marine detachments.

Gordon served for quite some time aboard its flagship, the UNS Hercules. While he expected peace, the assignment proved to be anything but. Admiral Jerian North's Fifth Fleet promptly attacked, leaving them with hundreds dead and even more wounded.

The situation was quickly solved, however, by Markus Kemp and his crew. When the dust settled, Vran chose to serve aboard the UNS Medea for the duration of the Ubiar Invasion until valiantly perishing in an attempt to rescue Muria.

Skills and Abilities

  • Experienced medic capable of surgery
  • Skilled in combat
  • Connections with UNSMs and Third Fleet

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