The Grand Alliance was a pact between the galaxy's largest nations run from the Kelviir-built Grand Station that brought relative peace to the galaxy for millennia. Due to a weak foundation and the Alliance lacking any power to regulate economy, corruption and instability ran rampant until the Nironian Collective grew sick of the Bushraks' whims and triggered the Secession Wars.


Following the bloody thirty-year-long War of the Dawn, much of the galaxy begged for peace to build up their fleets once more and reconstruct their battered colonies. This truce eventually came with the Cardinal Agreement which brought an end to the war and ensured peace through a new galaxy-wide Alliance. It took quite a bit of negotiating but the terms were eventually set and an incredibly weak constitution was made its foundation.


  • Ardite: Joined after its formation out of fear of invasion. They were ultimately motivated by their defeat in the War of the Dawn and ongoing reconstruction.
  • Ardolons: Original founders and strong members until they were reorganized into the Nironian Collective and seceded.
  • Bushraks: Partial founders that supported the Ardolon plans. They quickly became the most dedicated and leading members as they funded about 70% of the Grand Station renovations and became its peacekeepers.
  • Kelviir: Vehemently despised the Alliance as a whole for betraying them and stealing their Grand Station.
  • Vobuk: Reluctantly joined as a fully-fledged member to ensure peace. Their defeat in the War of the Dawn ultimately made them disinterested and not wanting much to do with the Zenith Powers.


With the Nironian Collective seceding, the Grand Alliance was completely disregarded and officially scrapped by all parties involved. Corruption sweeped the galaxy as state sponsored trillionaires bribed government officials and bought up land in the Neutral Traverse. It instilled distrust throughout the entire Alliance and eventually led both sides to investigate one another. This mistrust continuously built until it came to a halt with the Secession Wars: the bloodiest conflict the Milky Way has ever seen.