See also: Intergalactic Assembly Station

The Grand Station was the galaxy's largest construction project to date until its seizure. It was later retrofitted to fit the needs of the Grand Alliance and renamed to the Intergalactic Assembly Station with the formation of the Intergalactic Assembly.


Originally constructed by the Kelviir, the Grand Station was just about completed until the Grand Alliance seized the station by force. The Kelviir, upset about its loss, promptly isolated themselves from the rest of the galaxy.

The Grand Alliance wasted little time in retrofitting the station to their needs. By the 1250s CE, the station was complete and became home to the Alliance until the Secession Era, where the Bushraks restricted the separatists from visiting until the conflict ended a century later.

The rest of the galaxy would be restricted from living there or even visiting until the Intergalactic Assembly took control.