Hayden had a very sheltered but intense childhood, having been trained from a young age to join the UN Navy. Little is known about his early life, only that he was raised by his mother on Avalon and is the son of renowned physicist Asher Shaw who is responsible for the advances in Hyperspace Technology along with Mike Trainer.

Enrolled in private schooling and kept under a strict regimen, Hayden hardly got to experience the outside world, but often found solace in several forms of media. Primarily, he developed a fondness for classic action movies and shows, gravitating towards The Wire, The Departed, Reservoir Dogs, and Lethal Weapon. It was this, along with his father’s genetics that led to him developing a rather brash and slightly arrogant personality.

Regardless, Hayden was still very successful in both school and training, coming out with grades similar to that of his father. Then it was off to the UN Navy, quickly proving his worth and climbing the charts. A couple years into the Navy, he was noticed for his tremendous skill with small arms and hand-to-hand combat, and was quickly invited to undergo UNSM training. Being relocated, he was forced to undergo the four trials, starting with six grueling months of painful training.

Once completed, he was subjected to all forms of simulated scenarios: dominating zero gravity combat and proving adept in orbital shock missions. Then, it was onto the real training where he was faced with warding off pirates threatening to raid cargo shipments and dealing with hostile forces in the Anarchic and Spectrum. He was roughly seven years into the program when he became a full UNSM Marine.

The utterly impressive way he undertook the trials naturally caught the attention of the Trailblazer Program and without much hesitation, he was accepted into the program. Almost instantly, he gravitated towards becoming a pilot and excelled in the field. The Peregrine Fighter appealed to Hayden, capable of performing tight and dangerous maneuvers at his will. It was only two years into training that the Ubiar Invasion struck and had caused the entire disruption of the galaxy, leaving most soldiers to take the front lines. However, the Horizons Initiative needed Trailblazers to lead those leaving for Andromeda in the first wave, to guide them into colonizing the unknown frontier.

Now in Andromeda, Hayden is given the responsibility of locating initial homeworlds for the colonies to claim.

Skills and Abilities

  • Knowledge on alien history and culture
  • Expert Marksman
  • Experienced Soldier
  • Expert Fighter Pilot
  • Capable survival skills