According to public Assembly records, the Ardite home planet was once a beautiful and diverse garden world much like the Vobuk homeworld of Deianira was in the past, though instead of being picked clean of its resources, it was attacked time and time again as the Ardite suffered many losses on the galactic battlefield. Now, after the planet was isolated from the rest of the galaxy by its people, Helion V is classified as a desert planet, with little in the way of water aside from a couple small oceans.

Most of the planet's wildlife is predicted to have died off, and many of the Ardite have congregated towards where their remaining resources are, near the oceans and the pockets of natural resources nearby.


Helion V and its native Ardite inhabitants have a long and fairly bloody history. While this once beautiful planet was home to a great and free race, the War of the Dawn was the first step in changing Helion V into the isolated and war-torn planet it is today. It was decimated by the Zenith Powers during the war, and this proved to be the trigger that started their isolation.

After years and years of trying to rebuild from the damage done in the War of the Dawn, the Ardite saw fit to secede from the Grand Alliance with the promise that their wounded home would be protected by the Nironian Collective. Despite their best efforts, they could not defend their home from another massive attack at the hands of the Systems Coalition that once again laid waste to the surface of Helion V.

Once the Secession Wars had come to a close and the Ardite moved to focus solely on rebuilding themselves, the ideological rewrite that occurred as a part of this has left many living in silent terror over the past few centuries as the government rules with an iron fist, controlling everything from what the common Ardite eats to what they think. Many who dissented from the government's views have ended up publicly or privately executed, and those few who are permitted to leave the planet are considered chosen. They often don't return, seeking refuge with other races.

Within the past few years, the Modernist Party, a group of revolutionaries aiming to end the regime and have the Ardite rejoin the rest of the galaxy, has become a shining beacon of hope for the Ardite people, but their views come at a price. The Ardite are currently locked into a bloody civil war, and the Assembly has yet to intervene.


10.2 Billion Ardite

400,000 Ardolon

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