Hosni is a barren, decrepit planet orbiting a dying star in the Relic sector. The sector is dangerously close to the ring of exploding black holes separating semi-civilized space from the numerous prison stations throughout the Tartarus System.

The planet has been far from habitable after being demolished by the Systems Coalition in an attempt to execute the criminals hiding out there. Contrary to popular belief, there is an incredibly small habitable zone on the far side of the planet that always faces the sun: promoting a healthy environment with incessant sunshine.

After the indoctrinated Admiral Jerian North falsely implicated the Third Fleet, Admiral Jen Kanocku escaped with her fleet to Hosni to refuel and regroup. They then waited for weeks, hoping the United Nations would finally listen to her side of the story.

Captain Markus Kemp of the UNS Medea eventually caught up with Kanocku just before a massive battle that left both the Fifth and Third fleets heavily damaged and hundreds dead, including Admiral North, Ciara Gelen, and Rhaedos Loroxyn.