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Hox is a harsh, unforgiving and nearly inhospitable ice planet in the Silradar sector that is home to the UN's Second Frontier Regiment, as well as a United Nations mining and research colony. Temperatures on Hox never rise above 0°C, and much of the planet is battered by constant snow and ice storms.

While Hox had originally been colonized for both its value as a strategic position in United Nations space and as a mining facility, the inhabitants that moved there soon came to realize that there was more to the planet than they expected. Unidentified animal carcasses began to show up outside of the colony, in addition to the occasional set of tracks that were covered up by the snowstorms before anyone could follow them. It seemed harmless at first, but when miners began to go missing, concerns were voiced, and when one showed up mutilated near the mining facility, action needed to be taken.

Since then, a research facility was established on Hox that now mounts frequent expeditions into the snowy wastes of the planet in search of this unknown predator, as well as anything else of scientific value that the planet may be hiding.

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