The granddaughter of legendary explorer and discoverer of the Martian Reconnaissance Post Isabelle Allan, Iden has spent her life living up to her family name. A Trailblazer for two decades, Iden is responsible for uncovering countless primitive species and even a Martian Site in the Ardolon home sector.

With the Horizons Initiative so closely tied to the Trailblazer Program, Mike Trainer saw no better fit than Iden to lead Colonial Affairs: a decision that those serving with her have come to appreciate. Rather than simply assigning the exploratory leads tasks, she relates to them at a professional level, completely understanding what kind of tasks they are capable.

Iden has served as an invaluable link between the Initiative Conclave and its Exploratory Leads, though some have expressed concerns that she does not represent the HCS Jackson nearly well enough.

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