Conclave Chamber

The Initiative Conclave is an incredibly selective council stationed in the HCS Aether's administrative ward responsible for governing the Horizons Initiative and deliberating on difficult decisions deemed to be too important for their Exploratory Leads.

The Conclave is compromised of notable Milky Way figures from across the galaxy, though the majority hail from inside the United Nations.


While each of the six councilors have their own office, most of them prefer to operate from their respective stations across the administrative ward, especially Detir Aanoxer who still is yet to even log into his office's terminal. It is quite rare to see all six gathered in the Conclave Chamber: requiring a truly important task at hand.

When compromise fails and a vote must be called, each councilor has one vote. In the event of a tie, the Initiative Director's vote will decide their direction, assuming prior deliberations failed to sway a change from either side.


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