Intergalactic Assembly

The Intergalactic Assembly is a governing body backed by private funding from the galaxy's elite and most of the major nations of the galaxy. They impose galaxy-wide laws and keep systems like the Nironian Collective and Systems Coalition from destroying one another.


The Intergalactic Assembly's function is a simple yet impossibly daunting task: keep the peace. Comprised of representatives from each race that has been inducted into the Assembly, they deal with everything from war crimes to border disputes across the Milky Way. Whenever the Assembly races fail to come to an agreement on a matter of importance, it will be brought to the Assembly's attention and subsequently debated until a decision can be reached.

To the pleasant surprise of most, the Intergalactic Assembly has done an exceptional job of keeping the peace between the races, despite having members as ideologically different as the Bushraks and Ardolons.


While the governments of some individual races may be considered rather complicated, the Intergalactic Assembly is only made up of six total members. Each Assembly race has its own Senator, who acts as a representative for the government of their respective race. These Senators discuss and solve any issues that concern the Assembly, while the Chancellor acts as a sort of overseer. It is the job of the Chancellor to ensure that the Senate arrives at a decision for each matter, as well as act as the public face of the Assembly. The Assembly's current members are as follows:

A New Member

The Ganonsyoni, being so new to the Intergalactic Assembly, have not yet been let onto the Assembly. It is a hotly debated issue amongst the Assembly, with the Ardite and Ardolon Senators against it while the Human and Bushrak Senators petition for a Ganonsyoni Senator. The Vobuk Senator has not yet taken a side on this matter, and until he does, the decision is up in the air.


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The Intergalactic Assembly was originally formed in 1650 CE as a part of the Treaty of the Traverse, which brought about the official end of the Secession Wars after a massive push from the wealthy of the Neutral Traverse. While the Assembly was originally just made up of the Ardolons, Bushraks and Vobuk, the Ardite were able to join after a decade-long embargo and ban from the Assembly. For centuries it was just these four races, though when Humanity stepped onto the galactic landscape, they were inducted only a few years later.