Little is known about the aquatic race as of now, other than the origin of their name. The crew of the UNS Argo made first contact with the Irikgans in 2180 CE on their homeworld Archimedes after an attack on a United Nations research outpost.


Information on external anatomy is about the only information available on the Irikgans at this time. Further study required.

The Irikgans are unlike any other Milky Way race externally. Their eyes resemble those of other mammalian lifeforms, but that is about where the similarities end. The Irikgans possess twin horns and a pair of prehensile tentacles, known as 'lakku', or head tails, that sprout from the base of their skulls.

Like many other species, Irikgans possess four limbs quite similar on the surface. However, these limbs end in four webbed digits, each, meant to accelerate their speed through the water.

Internally, their anatomy is largely a mystery, though it is likely they have lungs considering they are more than able to fight and thrive on land. It us unknown whether this window is limited or indefinite judging solely by first contact.


After an overwhelmingly positive encounter, the mammals were heard uttering the word 'irikgan' in response to Markus Kemp repeating the world 'friend.' They were given the name as an endearing term to commemorate the rather peaceful first contact.


Little is known about the Irikgans culturally other than their love of the ocean and justified animosity towards the United Nations. They seem to be a fairly primitive race culturally as well as technologically.




Judging from first contact, the Irikgans seem to move in incredibly small groups meant to flank and deal quick, but lethal damage to their targets. The Argo's AI theorizes that such tactics resemble that of other aquatic mammals and may be an evolutionary strategy.