The HCS (Hyperspace Colony Ship) Jackson is the primary Human Haven, carrying 10,000 Humans from all walks of life in cryostasis. Unlike the second Human Haven Gaia, the Jackson does not have any special modifications and is quite identical to the other three primary Havens: Andaman, Sobanum, and Val.


Constructed in orbit around Washington Outpost, the Jackson is named after a famous Human soldier that saved United States President John F. Kennedy: the founder of the North American Union and consequently father of Human space travel. She is built to the same specifications as her sister Havens.

Being built by and for Humans, the Horizons Initiative had little trouble maneuvering through policy to fund and develop the Jackson, unlike the especially troublesome Bushrak Haven Andaman.

The Jackson then departed the Milky Way as part of the first wave on October 15, 2180 with Iden Allan at the helm.

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