James Moore is somewhat of an eccentric within the UN Navy, for his seemingly laid back attitude and unusual dress while on the job. Coming from El Paso, Texas, James Moore is the quintessential 'Space Cowboy', it wouldn't be uncommon to hear his southern drawl respond when one called for air support.

His criminal record only contains a couple of bar fights, the man managed to steer clear of cliches, avoiding shady business for the sake of his position within the Navy. Serving as a Chief Warrant Officer, Moore was recruited into the UNSM, though as a junior operator, and somewhat of a special case as well. On the ground, he is a marksman, using two commissioned weapons that are handguns in nature, but are used for their heavy, damaging rounds and fairly lethal range.

In the air, he's a designated fighter pilot, where he takes an unnecessary amount of risks to ensure his target gets hit. Moore generally defies standard flight protocol, unafraid to graze by foreign objects or squeeze through small spaces, this behavior has been noted by superiors but with a record of efficient success on the field this hasn't led to any action taken against him yet.


  • Skilled though dangerous fighter pilot
  • Excellent marksman
  • Familiar with UN Navy and its classified UNSM

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