Kh'lidaaz Ch'Korav is an independent engineer who resigned from militaristic duties to seek a life of peace and absolution from combat. Ever since the age of five, blood stained his hands in territorial warfare and fending for himself among those who sought their heads. Typically, they were among their own kind or wildlife, but unruly settlers on Deianira were no exception.

Rather than adopt the call to war and perish off as quickly as his brothers, K'C studied from local artisans to learn the basic mechanics of mechanical engineering at age seven. From there, his work began on machinery, only extending to automotive and, eventually, space craft. Years of his life blew by before he obtained adequate knowledge on his work, and the reptilian sought greater heights at the Intergalactic Assembly Station.

At this point and onward, his life pursued one of mechanized tranquility; despite his massive form and incredible stature, K'C chose to embrace his talents and construct for the greater good of the Assembly. Primarily, he specializes in weapon craft and cybernetics, yet has the capabilities to repair vehicular damage and even spacecraft breaches, albeit shakily.

Following the Ubiar Invasion, Ch'Korav came into power over the Vobuk people on Deianira, moving to increase involvement within the assembly, reconstructing their damaged homeworld, and improve relationships with humanity Though, his service only lasted for three years, where he perished as an idol among his people.

Kh'lidaaz Ch'Korav lived until 39 years old and the year 2183.

Skills and Abilities

  • Former combat experience
  • Masterful engineer
  • Weapon and cybernetic master
  • Vehicular and astroengineering experience