Kryat was a messiah according to the tribal Ganonsyoni who appeared on Muria sometime in the 19th century. Not much is known about the man outside of Ganonsyoni legend that claims he brought knowledge and prosperity to Muria, triggering a golden age of enlightenment. The very name "Kryat" translates roughly to "Horned god" in the Ganonsyoni's native tongue.

More recently, Human scientists have spent considerable time exploring Muria and trying to piece together a valid timeline of their existence. During these studies, a set of scientists discovered a mummified Bushrak corpse buried in some sort of tribal crypt that yielded a time of death during the latter half of the 19th century when carbon dated. Many have come to suspect this corpse to be Kryat, a long dead Bushrak explorer who made the most of his crash and became a king to the Ganonsyoni.

While much of Muria still vehemently denies Kryat was another short of a messiah, most of the galaxy has come to accept he was simply a Bushrak explorer who violated first contact protocols and educated them with his limited knowledge on current galactic science and culture.

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