Before you, I didn't think I was capable of good things. Don't die out there, butterfly.
- James Moore


Part 1

Laine was a member of the UN Navy serving as a complex pilot, generally assigned to the smaller more manageable vessels such as the UNS Yewtoo. Until the attack on that very vessel, her career was not very noteworthy. However, on that tragic day, things changed, for better or for worse, as she was selected as the pilot for the UNS Argo.

To her peers, Laine was known to be a caring pilot: always concerned for every soul on board her vessels, and making regular announcements regarding their course and potential issues.

During the attack on January 4th, Laine nearly went down with the UNS Yewtoo as she tried to cover fighter pilot James Moore who was protecting their escape pods. However, she was eventually convinced to abandon ship by then-Commander Markus Kemp. How she was persuaded is generally unknown, as is most of what happened among that crew, but some have said the Commander simply leveraged knowledge of her sister and niece: whom she was the sole provider for back on Earth.

Part 2

Laine is a member of the famous, and infamous, crew that changed the fate of the Milky Way. On the Yewtoo, Argo, and Medea, she was responsible for taking the crew across the galaxy on their perilous missions. While she started withdrawn and solitary, Laine steadily became more active in the crew's affairs, even taking part in one of their missions as their time together came to an end.

She'd formed a somewhat loose relationship with Addison Walker, which was mostly platonic, to the point that she actually held doubts as to whether Addison had any real feelings for her.

When the war with the Ubiar began to reach its close, Laine accepted the offer to join the Horizons Initiative on the Second Wave to Andromeda: under the impression that Addison was accompanying them, and wanting to stay close to her nieces. It was with a heavy heart that after she awoke, Laine learned that her mother had been killed in the invasion.

Her thoughts on Addison's decision to stay behind are unknown as of yet.

Skills and Abilities

  • Excellent complex pilot
  • Competent ship technician
  • Basic first aid

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