Laine is a member of the UN Navy, serving as a complex pilot, generally assigned to not quite the largest ships that require an entire crew of pilots, but the smaller more managable ones such as the Argo. Her career is mostly unnotable, she was the former pilot of the UNS Yewtoo before it was destroyed, though with her being selected as the pilot for the UNS Argo things were looking up.

Laine had a small reputation as a caring pilot, always concerned for those souls on board her vessels, making regular announcements regarding updates in course or possible issues. She nearly went down with the UNS Yewtoo in an effort to provide logistics towards fighter pilot James Moore in an effort to better protect their escape pods, but was convinced to abandon the ship by Commander Kemp. How she was persuaded is generally unknown, but the Commander simply leveraged knowledge of her sister and niece, as Laine was the sole provider of income for the two girls and their elderly mother on Earth.


  • Skilled complex pilot
  • Competent ship technician
  • Basic first aid

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