Logan was born into a split home, with his mother Eva Juniper being a Captain to a Corvette of the UN Navy's Fifth Fleet and his father Lieutenant Hector Harven. a Marine in the First Regiment. Logan was a single child and pushed at a young age to excel in his schooling and enroll within the military to explore the vast universe and gain both knowledge and experience. Logan would graduate at the top of his class then prepare leave his hometown of Custer at the age of seventeen to join the Trailblazer Program.

He trained for three and a half years before falling in towards more of a soldier career. Logan strove to become one of the top in his class, and soon time had begun to wane in his favor, leaving him decorated with multiple awards and graduating in the top ten. It wouldn't be long before he was accepted within the Second Regiment of Marines aboard the Cerberus Station. He had completed several acts before being tasked with one that essentially tampered with his life. On a mission to recon and eliminate a batch of seven rogue mercenaries on the world of Arion, Logan was sent in a squad sent in was a batch of sixteen yet only two had escaped from death. The mission lasted for six days before the two were finally recovered amidst ruin within an area of dense vegetation.

Sent in with sixteen men, the group trekked for two days before coming into contact with the enemy, which led to heavy losses. As for Logan, he was injured heavily with his left arm being completely shattered and multiple scrapes from him running. On the final day, he had set the distress beacon. Then, the two were discovered by the two mercenaries which left Logan fending them off to keep both himself and his comrade alive. Inevitably, he won, but was cost with both his vision and left arm from an explosion. The two were retrieved three hours later, but Logan was on the brink of death. Deemed to valuable to perish in the field and eyed by the UNSM, the United Nations spent millions injecting him with nanomachine that would save his life. As a result of his success, Logan was promoted to Chief Petty Officer.

It would be a few years before Logan had his dreams of military revived. The first moment he was given the chance, Logan was back in the field and stationed on his homeworld Avalon.

After his unsuccessful run-in with Captain Markus Kemp, Harven was sent back into the reserves where he would eventually be called back up for the galactic war with the Ubiar.

Skills and Abilities


  • Harven in armor

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