Lokono is a jungle planet in the Hadrian sector of the Turbulent Spectrum that is slightly larger than the Human homeworld, Earth. Due to the planet's slow rotation around the Hadrian sector's sun, the planet experiences an extremely long day-night cycle, a full day on Lokono being equal to roughly fifteen and a half Earth days. Days are incredibly hot and humid, while the nights are uncannily frigid. The planet's relatively large axial tilt leads to a harsh, unpredictable climate with severe weather running rampant throughout the planet's jungles and oceans. From heat waves to hurricanes, Lokono has it all.

While it was once colonized for some time by the resilient Vobuk people, the planet's harsh nature chased even them away from the resources that it offered. Rich in undocumented land, wild and plant life, Lokono is an ideal world for researchers and explorers alike, if they are willing to brave the planet's terrible conditions long enough to make a discovery. Not many who try come back at all, let alone with something to show for it.

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