In short, Markus was a spacer child. While born on Earth, he spent majority of his childhood jumping from station to station as his father's assignment changed. And naturally, being the son of now-Fleet Admiral John Kemp brought enough expectations to make any kid restless.

Despite all that pressure, Markus managed to fast track his way through high school by 16 and enroll straight into the Trailblazer Program. For three years, he toiled through some of the most demanding and comprehensive training imaginable. Kemp exceeded every expectation and graduated the most decorated Trailblazer in history, teeming with potential.

Come 2160, Markus was ready for the big leagues. Their exploratory efforts were going perfectly according to plan until the Trailblazer Crisis occurred. The situation came and went, but through it all, Markus handled it like a professional. This unfortunate, though advantageous, chain of events sent ripples throughout the galaxy and left Markus in the middle of it all. He was seemingly at the height of his career and became a hero among the military back on Earth.

After then, Markus' life is little more than a packed folder plastered with a bright red classified stamp. At some point during his service under the Trailblazers, he lost his hand and gained a cybernetic replacement. And later in 2172 CE, he left the Trailblazers entirely for the United Nations Special Missions Division.

Now, he's returned from his assignments and been tasked with a mission of monumental importance straight from the Admiralty Board.

Skills and Abilities

  • Exemplary soldier
  • Excellent strategist
  • Honed survival skills
  • Experienced explorer


  • Kemp's Lightsaber
  • Kemp's Destroyed Lightsaber

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