Mike trainer is a renowned physicist that was instrumental in adapting hyperspace travel to Milky Way vessels, effectively creating the Horizons Initiative and giving life as we know it a second chance.

Known for his charismatic and jovial personality, Trainer has made friends across the galaxy, whether it be at the highest levels of the United Nations or in the slimiest bars on Tiberius. Even despite his sister Elizabeth Kemp's death, he continued to be a force for change, as evident through his work with the Horizons Initiative. However, his connection to the Kemps is largely undocumented due to his distaste for Fleet Admiral John Kemp.

The two eventually put their issues aside near the onset of the Ubiar Invasion to start the Horizons Initiative. His work eventually granted him a spot as the director of the entire initiative with his children Adam and Ashlyn Trainer not far behind as Exploratory Leads.

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