UN Command


This is the official log detailing the events of the roleplay and adventures of the Exploratory Leads. Most of these missions are available to the public in some form or another. Classified details are in italics.

Act 1- A Rocky Start

  • A1-A - The HCS Jackson is sabotaged by presumably a band of exiles, killing thousands. The losses would have neared 80% had the Second Wave not arrived and saved most of the victims.
  • A1-A2 - A team led by Adam Trainer visited the ominous planet in an attempt to make way for colonial efforts. The planet was found to be rich with plant life and some samples were taken, but the team was chased off of the planet by a tsunami.
  • A1-C1 - Hayden Shaw and Atlas travel to uninhabitable planet to search for a downed probe only to spot exile shuttles and make contact. The exiles describe poor living conditions and warn of another exile colony known as the ‘Ninth Circle’.
  • A1-A2 - A team led by Cayn Schultz goes to investigate the source of the planet’s interference that is preventing proper analysis. They find an ancient, yet sophisticated alien structure built into the side of a mountain that they are quick to investigate. Avian-esque droids arise from the front of the room as they try to mess with the 3rd machine and chase them outside. They wait out the incoming tsunami and take a damaged droid with them, though they cannot reenter the cave due to the guards. The interference somehow is disabled.
  • A1-B3 - After discovering the remnants of a long-forgotten battle in A1-B, Adam Trainer and his team go down to the surface and discovered members of an alien race, the Tauperians, in hibernation inside of one of the planet’s caves. After a tense interaction, they manage to convince the Tauperians to return to the Aether with them.
  • A1-C2 - Adam and Hayden meet with the exiles they first communicated with above A1-C1 and trade supplies for information on Nash and the Ninth Circle.
  • A1-I - Team of Adam, Hayden and Cayn travel to A1-I1 and land on an ice-covered, harsh world. Before long, they are met by the suspected saboteur of the HCS Jackson, Nash, at a frozen lake. While his identity is not uncovered, a few potential leads are created from the brief interaction.
  • A1-I - Officially, the Leads left the Aether to investigate A1-D, but most can tell something else happened entirely. The leads covertly infiltrate Nash's colony on A1-I1 only to find a prosperous colony home to a vast amount of the Initiative's exiles. While they lack the cutting edge technology that the Initiative does, they are doing well. The Leads are eventually chased out after a confrontation with Nash that left them with more questions than answers.
  • A1-B - Initiative personnel are held hostage. Nash negotiates with the Leads before handing them back unharmed.
  • A1-I - The Leads travel to the Ninth Circle once more to negotiate with Nash. They reach an agreement on the terms of a meeting with the Conclave.
  • A1-A2 - Returning to the colorful world, Leads Cayn Schultz and Ashlyn Trainer discover a new lifeform that is part mechanical and part organic. They return to the Aether and introduce their new find to the populous.

Milky Way

This is the official log detailing the events of the roleplay and adventures of the crew. Many of these missions are kept away from the public eye and are not known to most of the universe.

Act 1- Investigating the Secession Movement

Act 2- Uncovering an Ancient Mystery

Act 3- Preparing for War

Act 4- The Ubiar Invasion