Navies are collections of spacecrafts capable of combat, reconnaissance, construction, and a variety of other tasks that take place on an interstellar level. Some navies only contain spacecrafts, while others like the UN Navy include their Marines and related programs as well.

For a species capable of Faster than Light travel, a navy often no longer involves aquatic warfare.

  • Ardite Navy: A smaller version of the Coalition Navy; modulates their exact organization and hierarchy with great success.
  • Coalition Navy: By far the galaxy's strongest and most tested fleet; could simply destroy even the UN Navy in combat.
  • Nironian Fleet: Most accurately known as a "hit-and-run" fleet; composed of millions of fighters that drop soldiers into combat from orbit and wreck havoc on larger targets through overwhelming numbers.
  • UN Navy: The galaxy's newest player, though arguably the most cunning and potentially third largest in terms of pure firepower.