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In response to the formation of the Systems Coalition and their secession from the Grand Alliance in 1543 CE, the Ardolons organized themselves under a famous manifesto drafted by Niron which transformed the Ardolon Empire dictatorship into the massive militaristic aristocracy that is the modern Nironian Collective.


The Nironian Collective's primary goal is to protect the Ardolon people from the harshness of the galaxy now that they lack the support of the Second Intergalactic Assembly and every single one of its members.


Named after the Collective that they actually fought against in the War of the Dawn, the Nironian Collective has come to be the ideological foil of the Systems Coalition as they oppose free trade, possess tight travel restrictions, and systematically place the wealthy elite in charge as to keep the highly educated in power.

Naturally, their approach to government has discouraged the Second Intergalactic Assembly immensely from reintroducing them to the alliance.


  • Ardite Regime - Formerly tight bond soiled by the Ardites turning their back on the Nironians in favor of the Assembly.
  • Holy Vobukian Republic - Largely neutral bond kept distance by the lack of spirituality in Ardolon space.
  • Human Freedom Coalition - Incredibly tense relationship worsened by the Nironians' willingness to help the Ubiar and openly sabotage peace talks on Yula.
  • Katali Remnants - Apologetic relationship dating back the Katali's near-destruction in the Secession Wars.
  • Second Intergalactic Assembly - Hostile bond despite their storied history. Its members largely despise the Nironians.
  • Systems Coalition - For centuries, the two empires have despised one another, and the Nironians' role in the Ubiar Invasion soured their relationship past the point of repair.

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